The Very Ladylike It Girl

A sight for sore eyes, a blend of world renown fashion designers creations are assembled in style in a Southern California atmosphere with a selection of “ladylike” looks. Ladylike beauty was needed in the article, “The New Romantics” found in Harper’s Bazaar with model Hana Jirickova perfect for the task.

HB’s editors took to high-society and California dreaming, featuring remarkable clothing. Bazaar introduced all the “hautest” clothing designers – Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain, Missoni, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Louisa Paris, Burberry Prorsum to Valentino.

The pictorial adventure took place through Los Angeles homes, streets and beaches, from the sofa to the sea shore, on through a grand-mansion and drive-up through the beautiful scenic cliff-sides in a vintage white convertible. A perfect life style dream that California offer.

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine offers a choice of what to wear from the latest romantic designers, while featuring a very ladylike it girl in its presence. Through out the article the poses are domesticated, poignant and absolute lady-like with sophistication and timelessness toned to perfection. Its clear the glamorous style of the new era of tomorrow is here in this issue. The model wears all the new romantic styles on southern Cali beaches to scenes, of euro style streets, and ravishing Los Angeles private homes.

The presence is that of a “Very Ladylike It Girl” in array of Hollywood themes as displayed in “The New Romantics” were seemingly inspired by an earlier version of sophistication in the Golden Ages of glamour that never really fade that far away. The style derived from “The New Romantics” proves that even in the heavy bustle and riches of life in California, it is always pleasant to be well-mannered, poised and the natural lady-like behavior.

All of these captured looks are seen by designers wear such as Dolce&Gabbana to Valentino styles this season. Some of these clean-cut behaviorisms are making their bold marks throughout the spectrum of fashion as a whole, from wearing all white cotton to going back to good old- styles, the classics never go out of style.

These photos with Hana Jirickova for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine state that “A New Romantic” is a very current and timeless style of a strongly yet delicate woman. She can both slow down with the long-time cuts and darts, truly taking her time to breathe-in while accepting all the grace the day offers. Being Ladylike and looking great in-style with these key clothing notes never misses a step. Here Jirickova graces us with her new presence to fashion modeling. Though Hana is so perfectly clean it is as if she was always here.

Here at Fashion Elite, our favorite looks in HB’s “The New Romantics” are the following: Look #1 on the first page wearing a floral printed white dress and feathered slippers, Look #2 on the second page wearing the sweet old 1900’s inspired Dolce & Gabanna bathing suite, Look #7 on the seventh page wearing white coat and sweater by Burberry Prorsum with Stole by Pologeorgis Furs and Look #8 on the eighth page wearing a light peach top and skirt duo by Salvatore Ferragamo.

The poignant story was created by Harper’s Bazaar team – Fashion Editor : Elissa Santisi, Photographer : Sebastion Faena, Hair : Tamara McNaughton for Chanel, manicure : Ashlie Johnson for Chanel, production Helena Martel Seward, set design: Heath Mattioli and car rental from 101 Classic Car Rental.

model: hana jirickova,  photographer: sebastian faena,  stylist: elissa santisi, hair: tamara mcnaughton, make-up: lisa houghton, manicure: ashlie johnson