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  • rosemary stephanie posted an update 1 week ago

    @mashatokareva Greetings to you, I’m Mrs rosemary stephanie I’m 48 years old, Please
    contact me on my email address because i have something very important to discuss with you ([email protected]) I will be very grateful to hear from you.

  • @penny-f Welcome to FE.. We are working on some new areas that need testing first before releasing. There up and we are seeing what suggestions come in. Feel free to send us your thoughts. We have a long list of cosmetic looks that will be added, once those sections receive the programming that will make the user smile.

    • Hello Deari saw your profile and became interested in you, my name is Marie Cooper i am working with united State Army, i will like to have a friend like you,i have something to share with you, please email me through  ([email protected]) for more information about me, i will check my mail to know if you have contacted me because i am w…[Read more]

  • Just like keyword stuffing, you can have too much anchor text on a given page. When there are too many keywords on a page linking to too many other pages of a website, or all to the same page but with different anchor texts, you have a case of excessive anchor text. The excessive use of anchor text within your website can lead to Google penalties…[Read more]

    • I sent a message to FE expect to see this anchor text below to disappear. its for sure SPAM

  • @arthur-gouveia Hello Arthur, See you have 20 people who wish to ADD you to their 212. Your a model, with no photos. Add your headshot on your 212 profile. Tell us about who you are, Arthur. Looking forward to visiting you. My new friend.

  • Hello Dear
    i saw your profile and became interested in you, my name is Marian i am working with united nation, i will like to have a friend like you,
    i have something to share with you, please email me through ([email protected]) for more information about me, i will check my mail to know if you have contacted me because i am working at…[Read more]

  • Lauren Smith posted an update 10 months ago

    How to Keep Your Fashion Brand Ahead of the Trends

    You’d be hard-pressed to find an industry more driven by trends than the apparel market. Every year something new is in and something old is out, and it’s up to brands to predict these trends accurately and swiftly, or they could miss out on capitalizing on the latest and greatest.

    Keeping up…[Read more]

  • ATTENTION: A new feature “ABOUT ME” is available in your “My212” profile section. You can also add a photo of yourself in this About Me page.

  • Felicia Kassim posted an update 11 months ago

    Hello FE!

  • Felicia Kassim posted an update 11 months ago

    Hoping to work with Fashion Elite this spring.

  • Lauren Smith posted an update 11 months ago

    Why You Should Consider Opening a Pop-Up Shop for Your Clothing Brand

    A pop-up shop is essentially a short-term retail location where brands and businesses sell a (sometimes exclusive) run of products typically for as long as a week or as short as a day. In recent years, major fashion brands, artists, and others have used pop-up shops to drive…[Read more]

  • If your NEW to Fashion Elite, and have questions. Don’t hesitate to contact myself, your “Moderator 1” here on your 212 profile.

  • Lauren Smith posted an update 1 year ago

    Important Questions to Ask Potential Clothing Manufacturers

    Working with clothing manufacturers either overseas or in the US presents its challenges. And, just like how you carefully try on clothes before you make your final purchasing decision, you need to select which manufacturer will produce your clothing line carefully and deliver the…[Read more]

  • January 6th 2019 I see the Fashion Elite site is moving much faster. cool.

  • I may be doing a Foto shoot February 7th, With German female photographer Sophia. Waiting to finding out more info.

  • I have not been on the site in some time. Some new needed changes. Cool. I am busy with finishing shoots scheduled in Europe. March 2019 is the plan to arrive in NYC first to find a temp place. Then take on some “Go Sees” and see if the water is cold or warm. Possibly summer maybe wise. There for I may head west to see some friends, possibly to…[Read more]

  • Get Yourself Cute Anime Character Based Clothing

    Clothing, an 8 letter word, not only contributes to our overall look, but also represents one’s personality. Except for fashionable daily wear, wouldn’t you sometimes want to try something fancy and “exaggerated”?

    If you’re an anime lover or manga fan, you must have the dream of being you…[Read more]

  • @magdalenas When will you show your face ? This is customerely to show the beautiful face!

  • Just signed in to Fashion Elite. Looks like a “New” site. Though the best thing for a new American site if you want to see it take off. Is to speak up! Let’em know whats wrong and needed. If you all speak up lots leaving “Suggestions” there will a fashion site partially made by our suggestion, this call the site “home”. Noticed a nice number from…[Read more]

  • I am in Italy working now. I had opportunity to watch football this last weekend to see my country Russia, win, to go the next step. This was total shock for my people. I am getting MUA now. Must go. Bye bye all.

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