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VOLUNTEERS: wishing to add photos to your “Favorite” FE profiles!  Sign Up to “My212” and contact a 212 helper..

EMPLOYMENT:  Sign up first to “My212” Look for an “Owl helper”

>Staff & Sub-Contractors

  • Staff Writers Staff and Sub-Contractor Writers wanted for variety of levels (English speaking and writing) send resume Staff Writers
  • Sub-Contractor/ Writers / Send Resumes
  • FE is looking for people to managing an assortment of profiles.
  • FE is looking for people to managing Local events in their area.
  • FE is looking for Fashionista’s wanting to record interviewers at fashion events in their local cities. Click > Request Interview
  • (* See submissions INFO below)

 >INTERNSHIPS (speaking english is a requirement)

  • Internship, young adults and up, (English speaking & writers skills required). Moderator, Reporting Violations, FAQ, Suggestions,  Research, Development, Fly-specking updates, and errors in profiles. Articles and Events. Charity Causes in Fashion. ( *See submissions below)
  • Internship for college credits, (English speaking & writers skills required) in Research, Development, Management of profiles, news articles, and fashion events. Charity Events Causes in Fashion ( *See submissions below) 

Interns,  use one of these two email to suit your required information: >   Intern-College  < or >  Intern-adults-plus

*All Sub-Contractual Employment Submissions Require:  first & last name, country, state/province, city, zip code, email, phone number.
So FE can help you in your area to best working with Fashion Elite with what we need.

Writers-SubContractors / Once Approved, to work Globally with everyone, the following will be necessary to help our global commitment: A Skype account, Dropbox account, Free Grammarly download, and a WhatsApp app for an extreme emergency to calling your manager, if and when chosen to attend, covering Fashion events in FE’s Name.

Note: If you have not heard back in two days, please contact us letting us know you have made a submission and have not received a reply.
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