About Us

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Fashion Elite Inc.

Fashion Elite is a “New York City” company catering to the the Global HUB of the Fashion Industry.


Presently we are accepting and stocking global models, designers, photographers, mua, stylist and writers.

For a limited time FE those signing up now are receiving FREE profiles.

1. FE’s first step: Models and Designers liking their free profile quarters, FE will announce other profile fields.

2. FE’s second step:  Photographers and Make Up Artist free profile quarters will be ready.

3. FE’s third step: Hair Stylist and the Stylist, free profiles quarters.

FE “Urges” everyone to take advantage of this offer of free profiles, as of right now the lucky number is 212 profiles per each profile field will the limit.

The acceptance may lead to how the incoming crowd is “to a first come first serve” basis, on who gets the profiles. Though there is an easy way to get in line “ahead of time” no matter what profile field you are qualified for, see below.

If you wish to “cut in front of the line“? Now! is the best time, by Signing UP to FE’s “My212.” It is free, brand new and waiting for enough users to tell us, to turn on a feature or two. Example, if you are an MUA, signing “now” listing your profile title as “MakeUp Artist,” will show the date and number count when you signed up and into your “My212” account as a MakeUp Artist.

Here’s what you can expect with FE News Field called “Locals.”
After taking on, seven months closely reviewing many suggestions from visiting viewers. We made some changes and add-on’s from selected random page layouts to concepts that would point to most of what the viewers were leading to, on what FE would be about, to them.

We decided to structure this site at the beginning with average capabilities and moderate features first, with easy navigation.
Any advanced changes in development to be implemented with an over growing attendance and additional needed features would be-set in the early stages.

Today the quest is also for Writers from Global countries with good American English skills, to writing about your local cites Fashion events and experiences. FE will be stern that all writers use this free software before submitting articles. http://www.Grammarly.Com

We believe FE will have more than one concept of what we are about from users. We have yet to roll out our red carpet. Though, in time FE will post globally asking people what CONCEPT do you think FE is about, for the world and YOU?

This idea, concept of a few we have in our locker room, could lead to something exciting soon. Connecting the dots globally and discovering on the pages of FE an article about a Creative designer and a beautiful model with a talented writer all from the same region which corresponded their fashion experience in an area which they call home, meeting one another at FE, Fashion Elite.

This is connecting a very broad range of young, talented people from far away places we would never dream of finding fashion minds.

Moreover, LOCAL Pro Artist in the same city to touch the world with hopes of someone appreciating what they are doing. FE wishes to collect these three identities first, Writers, Designers, and Models from areas of the global known and unknown.

These THREE Visible Submission Categories: Icon, Local pros, Local Aspiring
ICON – Global -Professionals. – Models, MUA, Hair Stylist, Stylist, Designers, Photographers, and Videographer
• Local Pros – Models, MUA, Hair Stylist, Stylist, Designers, Photographers, and Videographer
• Local Aspiring  – Models, MUA, Hair Stylist, Stylist, Designers, Photographers, and Videographer

FE is also interested in All corresponding with Agents, Agencies, Management agencies, Bloggers, Journalist, Contributing Writers, News Researchers, SpokesPeople, and SpokesModels are welcome to contact us, to corresponding on anything Fashion related.

Life would be fruitless, without INTERNS. Fact is 80% of interns find success, from experience gathered from a rewarding internship.

FE is Welcoming, “Local Aspiring” Models, Photographers, MUA, Hair Stylist, Stylist, Designers, and Brands who are looking for extra publicity, to attracting the icons of fashion to their fashion work.

FE is Welcoming, “Local Pros” Models, Photographers, MUA, Hair Stylist, Stylist, Designers, and Brands who are looking for extra publicity, to attracting the icons of fashion to their fashion work

FE Welcomes the “ICONS” of the industry, “Renown Fashion Professionals” such as Models, Photographers, MUA, Brands, and Designers, are found in High Fashion Print of fashions leading magazines, to the world premier Top Runways and Top Ad Campaigns.

All Questions & Suggestions are NEVER ignored and much appreciated. We would not have added some much-needed features if we did not get the “Same Suggestions” in a rather hefty size from such a wide-spread “Global Reaction”!

NOTE: What you see on this site right now is ONLY the tip of the iceberg.

“We are new, and we thirst to be known to give the users what they suggested. When one suggestion speaks loudly, the broad landscape deserves FE’s attention!”