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  • Just read the new writer, Leonie’s, article. “Anok Yai Poens for Prada”. Very nice, well wrote.. So when do we see more? Mz. Leonie! @leo2909

  • Hello everyone! I am in Milan presently, with good chance to shooting with “Philip Knight” here in Europe. It is easy to see this site is in its beginning stages. Though, I am excited to be on this new site, FE. I have good feeling Fashion Elite is going to open doors for many. I start humble, visit my starting FE profile. I like it! This site…[Read more]

  • ATTENTION: If you are one of the following: “Model, MakeUp Artist, Stylist, Photographer, Designer, or a Brand” If you don’t have a FREE Aspiring or Professional FE Profile. / Click the link and FOLLOW the SIMPLE, Instructions >>

  • Hello… just got back from a great meeting

  • Hey! Did you already read my very first article about the second black model who run the Prada Fashion Show last Friday in Milan? Go ahead to Top News and leave a comment!

    • Yea, I did! Where’s you go? lol I was thinking, being you just started writing you’d be on fire, writing articles to impressing us, and the viewers not signed into FE, yet. So, when can I expect a few more master pieces? 😉

  • Hello World, today is a nice day!

  • Looking forward to writing some fashion articles in the coming days! Stay tuned – so excited!

    • Hi there Leonie, What’s going on with you? I have been logging in to look for your articles. Been a while, looking back its been 2 months, looking above this message, that you replied, “Stating Stay tuned! – so Excited!”

      The Eagle icon here on my212 I contacted three weeks ago, they said, “Leonie, has a few article already prewritten, “Just…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone! Phillip Knight here. I happy to be signed into this new fashion site FE. I’m in Germany for a few months, then off to NYC, seeing a few agencies. And see where that takes me. I am exciting to moving to New York City, this is my dream .

  • Just got back from Vancouver, BC Canada • Work became a vacation with one mountain bike ride, extended a few day. I was not fashionably dress. Just dressed like , Mike Casual! lol

    • Hello Mike! Sounds like a nice trip! Perfect that it changed into a time-out – always good to “recharge your batteries” 😉

    • You Leonie, have a nice way with words, I see, ya you right, I needed charging! lol Well put.
      So what have you been up to these days? Anything fun and interesting ?

      By the way, I was concerned, and curious. I asked FE why am I not seeing writer Miss Dziedeck?
      I copied and pasted here their reply:

      Hello Mr. Mike Sabino,
      Currently, Miss…[Read more]

      • I won’t be able to type you novels like this again. lol. I was concerned for an answer. Now that I know you have text for a few articles finished, minus images. Why walk away. Writers generally love writing so much to never leaving a piece of work not published to waiting eyes. I hope to see your writing again. If not, I have nothing also. but g…[Read more]

  • Happy Halloween

  • Getting ready for
    For Halloween

  • Tom Field posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Just found the site by accident. See it’s new! Next year, I can say I was number 30 on the early list of — USERS.

  • I’ve been watching some wonderful runway “LIVE” NY FW has the town a place to be. check out If you see a blank black screen there’s no events going on. Check the time schedule on the site.