Berets by Marc

The berets in Marc Jacobs collection are a key accessory for the Fall-Winter ’11-’12 collection runway looks. Marc Jacobs is a New York City native who graduated from the prestigious Parsons The New School of Art and Design; he is a legendary name in fashion since the 1980’s and now resides in Paris, France, a city most associated with the adorned beret accessory.

The modern beret is derived from the traditional hat of the Pyrenees Mountains that had kept the head warm from cold weather and was first mass-produced in the 19th century in France and Spain. Berets are worn as part of the uniform of many important legal authorities and militant units worldwide, and in the fashion world the beret is a symbol of intellect, stlye and order. Berets are appropriate for both professional formal and smart casual dress codes, they are also “shaped” in different ways. In Marc Jacobs Fall-Winter ’11-’12 collection the berets by him were worn on the runway by models in the same strong and uplifting manner with a sense of chic distinction.

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The accessory that has complimented historic eras makes an affirmative mark on fashion history in the Marc Jacobs collection. In archaeology and art history it is has been indicated that the beret has been worn since the Bronze Age across northern Europe to as far south as ancient Crete and Italy, where it was worn by the Minoans and Etruscans. The privileged headgear, the Beret, withstands the sands of time and has been popular among the nobility and artists across Europe throughout modern history.

In America the beret is typically worn pushed to one side, it has been characterized as a symbolic fashion statement in the culture of film, art, science, theory, philosophy and a melting pot of thriving, young and recently-settled style of society. In a world of modish trend and self-empowering sophistication the Marc Jacobs beret is a vital accessory that may be worn occasionally or recurrently.

In the case of a person who wears a defining beret, the statement of the accessory that they capacitate often becomes an extension of that person and they may be remembered more vividly wearing it than without. Marc Jacobs berets from his Fall-Winter ’11-’12 collection are bold and suprisingly creative in a way that only Mark Jacobs could embark upon. The Mark Jacobs berets are a mix of strong and orderly with playful and happy manners.

While some of Jacobs’ berets are tamely black and a-typical, the spotted black and white Baby Lamb Spot Beret is clearly a new take on a fashion frenzy kind of accessory. Jacobs’ berets have an impressive style that carves a significant present throughout the world of fashion and his outstanding fashion career. In the runway looks of his fall-winter line the berets are worn to one side atop elegant black coverings underneath that frame the complexion and hide the ears.

Marc Jacobs Baby Lamb Spot Beret has a retail price of $625.00 and is available at Marc Jacobs Boutique or