Sergio Rossi Shoes have Couture Effervescence

Let’s have a walk in the park and talk about precious Couture. “When you talk about Couture, it is has been one of the main reasons of this collection since the beginning, since I created the fall collection” said designer Francesco Russo about the Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 women’s collection for the Italian luxury label Sergio Rossi.

Sergio Rossi Black Velvet Saturinia Pump
The dramatic approach to Francesco’s designs is his ability to create a shoe that is couture and both night and day. “I wanted to do something evening but for all day, so it’s like this woman who comes back from a party and she never change, and she start all over again the day.” His point of the focus of evening is actually being in disguise, and being like the mutations and transformations of nature.  The many elements in the Sergio Rossi Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 shoe collection feature the disguise of Venetian Carnival, transformations in flowers, insects and animals. The symbol of the collection is the butterfly because it is the “Queen of Mutations” as Francesco Russo denotes at the Sergio Rossi collection’s gallery presentation.
Since Francesco Russo is a big fan of SHOW studio, he took the liberty of sending them his samples and let them explain their thoughts behind the shoes style of what they see. Alexander Furry, Fashion Director of SHOW studio goes into great historical and artistic detail of the collection’s samples in a short cinematic presentation, featured on Sergio Rossi’s intriguing website.
My absolute favorite pair of pumps are these masquerade butterfly inspired shoes interpreted with great detail in dark purple Swarovski crystals and purple velvet and laces. The design of the butterfly wings are elegantly flesh-framing and the rich color is playfully seductive. “The idea of masquerade is a central component of fashion…This idea of recreating yourself, of discarding one identity, and utilizing your clothing to adopt another is one of the most potent and enduring aspects of fashion… Behind a mask all men and women are equal.” said Alexander Furry, Fashion Director of SHOW studio about this pair of Sergio Rossi butterfly heels.  The Midnight Velvet Saturinia Pump features a Butterfly Crystal Cage made with Swarovski crystals and a 105 mm./4.13in. heel height. Midnight Velvet Saturinia Pump has a retail value of $1,495 and can be purchased at any of Sergio Rossi’s Boutiques or website.
Sergio Rossi – Fuchsia Suede Tortusa Pump
Every butterfly needs a flower on which to land, this extremely wonderful Sergio Rossi Fuchsia Suede Tortusa Pump brings the nature of the meanings of “Couture” to life. One fantasy that seems to forever intertwine in fashion is the idea of natural lines fabricated in fake creations and the wonder of beauty of realism in nature. As the two paths of surrealism and realism cross in elegantly crafted couture, the existence of imagination persists.The Fuschia Suede Tortusa Pump by the Sergio Rossi designer label is a lovely depiction of both these surreal and realistic natures. Sergio Rossi’s Tortusa Pump has a retail value of $795.
Sergio Rossi Green & Pink Satin Dalia Sandals
Introducing the symmetrical mirrored design of the Sergio Rossi’s Green & Pink Satin Dalia Sandals. These enigmatic sandals capture colors of emerald, viola, fragola, and nero. The sandal’s heel is 105mm/4.13in. in height and a delicate bow -tied strap makes the leg look more fashion binding. Green & Pink Satin Dalia Sandals at Sergio Rossi have a retail value of $910.

Look forward to a remarkable transformation during the day and into the evening, with every hour that passes. With an immense loving passion of viewing the design aesthetics, Sergio Rossi’s collection receives a 5-Star rating from Felicia Folgner. Rapture yourself in Sergio Rossi and purchase items from the latest collection by visiting