Vivian Suede Mandarin Platform Sandal

Step Out Into Summer

A platform sandal to brighten up this season. The days are longer and the sun is shining. Step out into the spring and summer season with these mandarin-colored platforms that’ll have you feeling bright and bold. Take a few days off and enjoy the weather, in style. Pack your suitcase and don’t leave your Calvin Klein Vivian Suede Mandarin sandals behind.

Calvin Klein Vivian Suede Mandarin Sandals fit perfectly into the 2014 runways. Not only can they be seen on the runway, but they’ll have you putting them on with outfits for your day-to-day look. This mandarin color is bright, bold and functional. With these three components, they’re unstoppable, versatile sandals that make your transition into spring and summer seasons that much more stylish and exciting.

Last year, Calvin Klein’s spring/summer collection showed off an elegant and wearable, yet sensual look for women with a ready-to-go style. Francisco’s talent of extravagant tucking, laser cuts and draping had this collection in full form. The pale creams with layered fabrics pulled the collection together.

This year’s spring/summer collection is no doubt a ready-to-wear step forward from last year. The creams and pales are incorporated in with a splash of color for this year’s collection.

For the on-the-go woman the Vivian Suede Mandarin Platform Sandals will be your go-to shoe this year. The platform style with an open-toe design and padded footbed is all that needs to be said. With the added top and ankle strap, this sexy mandarin-colored platform sandal is perfect.

The Vivian Suede Platform Sandal is priced at $119.00 and is available on or in Calvin Klein locations.