Michael Kors Pyramids

“I love the whole idea ( PYRAMIDS) if you can’t afford to collect sculptural or modern art, you can afford to have an incredible pair of silver cuffs, an incredible sculptural ring, oversize stones worn in a very casual way, those kind of things automatically give a very modern edge to whatever you’re wearing.” said Michael Kors. Capture the sculptural art of these Pave Pyramid Hinge Bangles in stone black or golden nude crystals. The sculpture of these bangles is reminiscent of one of the seven wonders of the world- The Great Egyptian Pyramids.
In ancient Egypt, when a King died his burial tomb was filled with luxuries from home, gold crafted furniture and hand crafted jewelry. The mystery of how the Egyptian tombs came to be and why they exist is still a natural wonder. Michael Kors Pave Pyramid Hinge Bangle is crafted with rose golden brass and nude leather or black hematite-colored brass with black leather; they feature a pave pyramid of adorned crystals with hinged closure.
The Pave Pyramid Hinge Bangles are now available for pre-order at www.MichaelKors.com, with a value of $135. “I always think about jewelry from the idea of mood and what are the moods you want to achieve when you wear certain jewelry?” – Michael Kors. Achieve your mood mystery and indulge in the Michael Kors website.