Big Earrings, Bangles & Necklaces

Bright jewelry is the best way to dress up any outfit in 2009. And this Spring-Summer season bold jewelry is as hot as ever!  Although, there is one rule of wearing it, which I’ve unfortunately learnt only after my fashion “faux-pas”.

Girls, no matter what your BFF say, there is such a thing as “TOO MUCH” when it comes to wearing bold pieces of jewelry. To play it right, wear 2 pieces (either earrings and bangles or bangles and rings or rings and necklace etc.) at a time and you will look positively fabulous!

Liking this bold trend?  Check out 15 Hottest Big Earrings for This Spring-Summer … for the fab shopping finds.

Don’t you love these tribe-inspired earrings by Louis Vuitton? Now that’s what I call a statement piece! I am sure there will be many look-alikes for a more reasonable price…

This season bangles are so hot, the more of them you wear at a time – the better! And I am so in love with Lanvin  bold bracelet made of gems… Didn’t they have something similar in H&M?

Necklaces are getting bolder and brighter as well. Worn over a dress or a T-shirt, a bold necklace will glam up your whole look. AND a bold necklace can make you look slimmer – how fabulous is that?