Terry Schiefer Xin Xin Jewelry Collection

Eastern Trade Route – A Vibrant Treasure

Terry Schiefer and Xin Xin Gabrielle Jewelry call their collection TSXX, that is super-haute and two-kisses for the precious stone. Introducing a Jewelry Collection that is so fresh it is halfway around the map. When saying around the map, that means the vivacious land of Japan. Terry Schiefer Xin Xin Jewelry Collection is owned by renowned fashion icons Terry Schiefer and high-fashion model Xin Xin Gabrielle. The TSXX Jewelry Boutique is based in Japan and caters to a high-profile clientele based upon order.
So, when Fashion Elite – Hot News Department had the opportunity to speak with Terry Schiefer and Xin Xin Gabrielle about their new jewelry avenue, we were ecstatic! The design-duo whose fashionably elite lives include enjoy dining with movie stars of eastern films, taking in the fashion culture in vibrant Japan, vacationing in Europe and crossing the Pacific Sea to Jewelry Conventions in the US, have incredible jet-setter lives. Yet, surprisingly these two tiger cats have amazingly down-to-earth rocker-chic persona’s as your best friend next door. One thing that these best-friends and co-artists have an upper-hand is their creative thirst for exotic and rare precious stones and a boutique of craftsmanship that yells “pow!”.

The first Jewelry piece that immediately caught attention was the Himalayan Quartz and Mother-of-pearl and Pearl Necklace from the designer’s Neo-Baroque Collection. The Himalayan Quartz dangle from cast bronze, with flower bundles of mother-of-pearl and pearls. This TSXX Neo-Barouque Quartz necklace has a retail price of $3,800.

The popular Palazio Ring is made of Blue Topaz and Silver with bronze.
This Palazio Ring has unique details of hand tied and knotted rope, sea waves and skull that is exclusive to the TSXX Jewelry Collection. “The hand tied and knotted rope is different on each ring and cannot be found anywhere else.”- Terry Schiefer. When you are looking for a classic ring that has an original edge choose this Blue Topaz Palazio Ring from Terry Schiefer and Xin Xin Gabrielle. This Blue Topaz Palazio Ring has a retail price of $1,200.

“This is our Chabashira necklace from our haute couture line last year. Features a 329 carat natural Citrine and topaz accents with multiple strands of pearls . Retail price is $24,000.00” – Terry Schiefer. The TSXX Collection can be inquired about and purchased at www.terryschieferxinxin.com .