• Lauren Smith posted an update 4 years, 7 months ago

    How to Keep Your Fashion Brand Ahead of the Trends

    You’d be hard-pressed to find an industry more driven by trends than the apparel market. Every year something new is in and something old is out, and it’s up to brands to predict these trends accurately and swiftly, or they could miss out on capitalizing on the latest and greatest.

    Keeping up with fashion trends can be challenging for brands and manufacturers for a variety of reasons, the most evident being the rate at which these trends come and go. The thing is, understanding what your customers are looking for months in advance will allow you time to produce a line and get it on shelves fast. Here are a few tips to help you stay ahead of the curve and design and deliver products that stay on top of trends.

    Leverage Data Analytics

    If you want to stay on top of the trends, you need to have a pulse on what your target customers are looking for and what they want to purchase in the coming months. To do this, your data analytics system should cover multiple channels and be highly targeted. You should know or identify exactly who you’re designing products for and then you can start looking at what this segment is most interested in.

    While in the past learning this information was challenging, the digital age makes it simple as long as you’re plugged in and paying attention. Utilize data from your social media channels to see what your target audience is talking about, what they’re wearing, and what they’re searching for from the clothing industry as a whole.

    Be Agile

    While knowing what your customers want and predicting the next trend is important, if you aren’t able to produce your goods quickly, you could miss the boat. Working with domestic US clothing manufacturerswith short lead times and quick manufacturing processes will help you get your products out there just in time to capitalize on the trend.

    Make Your Brand an Experience

    Understanding the current market and producing garments is only part of the equation. Even with the best products you still need to compel your target customers to purchase from you and not a competitor. To do this, you need a strong brand that highlights the consumer experience.

    Your e-commerce platform should be optimized for shoppers with an integrated social media and marketing strategy that drives visits to your online store. People should care about your brand and connect with it either online, in-store, or both. Whether you have an existing brand or are just starting up, investing in your brand and marketing channels can be just as important as the products themselves.

    Work with a Full-Service Clothing Manufacturer

    It’s possible to create a trendy short-run product line while working with separate manufacturing partners and handling the marketing and digital integration with another firm or on your own. But, working with full-service clothing manufacturers like Indie Source makes the entire process seamless and saves you time, headaches, and costs. Instead of having to find and negotiate with suppliers, designers, and manufacturers individually, you can go to one place and work with experts in the fashion industry from start to finish.

    About Indie Source

    Indie Source is among the top clothing manufacturers in the USA as they offer full-service clothing manufacturing to help you go from idea to finished product. They work with a variety of people and brands from individuals with an idea who are new to the fashion industry to established brands. Either way, you’ll receive their full attention as you create your product line together. From development to manufacturing through the marketing phase, you can count on Indie Source to help guide you on the best path forward. The company is based in the fashion district of downtown LA and has an experienced team of designers, domestic manufacturing partners, and in-house fashion marketing experts to help you bring your vision to life.

    Learn more about Indie Source’s innovative approach to domestic manufacturing at Indiesource.com