Ramunė Piekautaitė

Fashion Designer


31 December 1969

Ramunė Piekautaitė

Plenty of experience, a respectable fashion home, an ability to combine creative work and business interests are what makes Ramunė Piekautaitė probably the most business-savvy Lithuanian designer. At home and abroad she has been appreciated for her special character, described as romantic, sensual, reserved, but luxurious, aristocratically elegant; she also dutifully presents two season collections annually.

Piekautaitė was born in 1970. In 1994 she graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts as a costume designer, created and presented her collections, until finally, in 1997, she achieved the dream of every fashion designer – opened her own fashion home.


For many years Piekautaitė has faithfully maintained the style and philosophy of her fashion home, but each collection still surprises with its new design solutions, which never miss the global fashion trends. The shapes, silhouettes, colours, decorative principles of her season collections change, but they still all remain easily recognisible as Piekautaitė’s style. No worthless simplicity, no low quality, no brutality, shock, poor design covered up with complicated ideas. This designer creates fashion that is easy to understand, apply and love, inspired by the lifestyle and situation of the contemporary woman.


The main inspiration for the designer is the woman herself – a stranger in the street, a close friend or a loyal customer. All of them are strong personalities, united by their emotionality and sensuality, proud and appreciative of their greatest treasure – femininity. Femininity for Piekautaitė does not necessarily mean weakness or modesty; it’s also strength, vitality. Thus the weapon of choice for women is not only an elegant, sophisticated, subtly sexy, silky and flowing dress, but a different character too – an original pants suit.


The values of this fashion home are the unique personality and the positive emotions stemming from the garments. Based on them, Piekautaitė was the first in Lithuania to supply features for the portrait of a fashionable city woman: a high-quality comfortable sweater, a simple, but luxurious coat, a stylish stretch dress, sculpted pants, fashionable and comfortable shoes, a matching large bag and expressive accessories. A special aura in this work comes from its colours: they seem to be borrowed from the Lithuanian country side, as seen by an impressionist. Red is never just red, nor green just green, nor blue just blue. The garments reflect the shades of flames, mists or a splattering waterfall. The colours are always in flowing tones, whose unexpected shades stand out on different textures of the materials. One of the elements of Piekautaitė’s fashion design formula are the combinations of contrasting textures. Wood silk, satin, tencel, various textures of linen and silk, cashmere, wool, taffeta, etc. are all materials that produce the lyrical silhouettes of Piekautaitė’s garments.


Strong 3D shapes appear right next to flowing folds, heavy details – next to light, reserved classic – next to modernity, Lithuanian modesty – next to cosmopolitan expressiveness. But all these deliberate and accidental contrasts obey the dictatorship of unified stylistics, best represented by the personality of the designer herself.

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