Marissa Webb

Fashion Designer

New York City

31 December 1969

Marissa Webb

Born in Korea and adopted at the age of 4, along with her 3 biological siblings, raised in the United States be piano teacher mother and social worker father, Marissa Webb has always had an intimate and creative relationship with fashion. Her design aesthetic blends and juxtaposes elements of architecture and nature by mixing highly structured, tailored pieces with whimsical softness and flow.

Marissa started at Rutgers University majoring in psychology, but she found out she didn’t want to sit in an office all day. She missed illustrating and being creative, so she transitioned to FIT. Her first full-time gig was at Polo Jeans. They gave her a shot right out of school  and then she flourished at J. Crew, where Webb remained for over a decade serving in various design positions including Head of Womenswear and Accessories Design.

There was a stir in 2011 when Webb left "to pursue other opportunities," and though the circumstances of her departure were vague, she resurfaced this year with a strong first collection at New York Fashion Week for Spring 2013.

Spring 2013 marks the highly anticipated official launch of the Marissa Webb label, an endeavor that exemplifies Marissa’s individual style and personality. Having grown up as a tomboy, Marissa embraces a playful feminine elegance in her designs while integrating a cool masculine edge. The collection is created to appeal to the woman who appreciates timeless fashion but maintains the confidence to incorporate contrasting and unexpected pieces. A mix of masculine and feminine qualities, her collection exemplifies a playful notion of femininity while embedding masculine elements in the DNA of her designs.

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