Local Aspiring Models

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Agne KudirkaiteLITHUANIA

Aspiring Model  Agne Kudirkaite born in Kazlu Ruda, Lithuania and living in Kaunas, Lithuania. This tall 178cm lean young lady has the body and long legs for the runway. Her all natural stature one would think she has some sort of training. Though it comes all on her own when the circumstance require a certain pose.


Aleksandra HerbstPOLAND

Aspiring Model, Aleksandra Herbst modeled in Germany and Poland. Presently living in Warsaw Poland. More about Aleksandra on the way…..



 Aspiring Model Alina Iste born in Riga, Latvia and living in Moscow, Russia.


Anastasia PochernikovaRUSSIAN FEDERATION

Aspiring Model,  Anastasia Pochernikova with Fashion Agency born in Moscow, residing in Moscow. 


Anastasiya LvovaITALY

Aspiring Model, Growing up in Russia’s, Siberia had its pluses and minuses. The plus side is, it’s always avalible to see a Siberian Tiger up close when showing the public. The minus side is it very cold, and I love warm weather. At 18 years of age I left for additional school. School and small jobs help me with school. Eventualy I was ask to take nice photos for fashion and promotion of products. I have been able to travel, help my parents, from my education and money saved. America my next stop, with hope of good fortune.



Aspiring model: Anna was born in Kazakhstan, Russia with parents who are tall. Raised with sports and much reading, Anna traveled with parents, reading about distant countries with a goal to travel. Eventually, Volleyball would be her attraction. Where ever Anna was volleyball tournaments, found on lookers taking photos of this tall girl standing close to the net. Did not take long reading Vogue, taking photos became enjoyable. Today Anna has her toes in the fashion pool, hoping to be found.



Aspiring Model,  Annette Olsen born in Kristiand, Norway has traveled the globe early, with a spill of training in the states, she was off to China, India, Turkey to name a few. She grew up fast, retuning to the states. Lived in the FarEast for roughly three years was an education, modeling, geographically speaking, with mixed cultures. Traveling gave the modeling experiences time to nurture, time needed in front of the camera. This days, when it’s cold Annette on a beach in Malibu, biking & swimming. As for NYC its a models state of mind.


Claudia DyranITALY

Claudia Dyran - Norwegian Fashion Model

Aspiring Model, Claudia Dyran, a naturally stunning blonde, with sense of humor that lights up a room, with a business mind, sharp though never spoken about. Claudia Dyran, a Norwegian model, living presently in Milan modeling, and in Norway with company owned with a partner. Claudia speaks, Norwegian, Swedish, English and Italian fluintly. Claudia, has visited America many times, loves visiting Miami, San Diego, LA and of course New York City. Claudia loves healthy food, running and changing negatives to positives. 


Cynthia De MeloITALY

Cynthia-Melo-Fashion Model

Aspiring Model, Cynthia De Melo born in Redondo, Brazil. Living in Milano, Italy. Cynthia speaks Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and English. Cynthia has traveled to Brazil, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, England, Germany and Brussels. When not modeling Cynthia is an advid runner and power walker. When not riding her scooter around Milano, one can find Cynthia doing charity work helping the under privledged. Cynthia’s goal for 2018 is to visit, New York City, USA.


Dana SohngenGERMANY

Aspiring Model, Dana Sohngen, born in Bonn now living in Düsseldorf, Germany