About Me



Tomas Bohinc born in Berlin, Germany. Bohinc, has made his missions to Traveling the globe with starting rounds in Europe, then traveling all over the globe the last 9 years. Frequently visits USA’s New York City, Miami and California.

China was home base in 2014 to 2017.

Tomas, was in Hong Kong April 2018, Australia May 2018. And NYC in June and California July and back to Shanghai, China in August 2018.

Its 2019 and Tomas’s home base is has been Bali.
Here is where Tomas can leave Bali and fly in two opposite direction reaching America’s  States, Canada and South America.  Or to looking the complete opposite direction of the globe, take a tour to China, Korea and Japan.

These types of flights for work have become second hand for  Tomas Bohinc. If Bali is not soothing Bohinc’s time off, its preparing Tomas for another week of two in the Asian office of choice.