• sabinobroker posted an update 5 years, 8 months ago

    Just got back from Vancouver, BC Canada • Work became a vacation with one mountain bike ride, extended a few day. I was not fashionably dress. Just dressed like , Mike Casual! lol

    • Hello Mike! Sounds like a nice trip! Perfect that it changed into a time-out – always good to “recharge your batteries” 😉

    • You Leonie, have a nice way with words, I see, ya you right, I needed charging! lol Well put.
      So what have you been up to these days? Anything fun and interesting ?

      By the way, I was concerned, and curious. I asked FE why am I not seeing writer Miss Dziedeck?
      I copied and pasted here their reply:

      Hello Mr. Mike Sabino,
      Currently, Miss Leonie Dziedeck has four articles” waiting for images to being added.
      RW my boss asked, Leonie if she can direct him to where to he can direct someone here where on the internet she worked on the articles, so FE could find suitable photos.
      Leonie, replied, needing a few days off for personal reasons. reading her correspondence.
      We have not heard back from her since.
      We all think as you Mr. Sabino.
      Leonie is an exceptional writer. My boss, let her make any choices working from FE, when she would like to work, so as not to interfere with her school work and personal life.
      Leonie had either of any of the following to think about: Living in Germany working from parents home, when she had time. Or travel the world and submit articles from any where on the planet. Or the offer to living in NYC or the west coast, California. RW left it all up to Leonie. RW just wanted to see her at school, going having fun and writing an article when she wanted. RW was open to getting Leonie into Fashion shows as a vip to interviewing top designers models and photographers.
      My boss has nothing but excellent things to say regarding, Leonie Dziedeck.

      I hope I answered your questions, Mr. Mike.
      Dee Rhinehart
      Article department

      Mike here, Leonie.
      Sounds like you were given your cake of choice and what type coffee you wish to drink? Wow! That’s pretty nice. Besides being an attractive young lady, you have a way with words. That caught the Founders attention. I read one article by you found it well written, to wanting to add you to following your articles.
      Warm Regards

      • I won’t be able to type you novels like this again. lol. I was concerned for an answer. Now that I know you have text for a few articles finished, minus images. Why walk away. Writers generally love writing so much to never leaving a piece of work not published to waiting eyes. I hope to see your writing again. If not, I have nothing also. but good things to say. Read, one article, liked the read very much.