About Me

Daria Beloyvan is considered one of the Russian fashion industry’s pioneers and one of the world’s leading fashion experts. Daria is fascinated by style from ancient times and applies current fashion trends proficiently. She never stops learning and never stops inspiring. As a child, the girl always loved fashion, beautiful things, and stylish accessories. Her mother was an enthusiastic sewer, and she introduced her to this when she was young. They browsed through Burda magazines together and created their outfits. Burda Style (formerly Burda Moden) is a fashion magazine published in 17 languages and over 100 countries. Each issue contains patterns for every design featured that month. The magazine is published by Hubert Burda Media. When Daria was just a little girl, she meticulously kept track of every detail, compared trends by season, and often went to the fabric store with her mother. She kept one of the brightest memories of those trips to pick the fabric. Her first designs were the doll outfits, which her mother still keeps.

As a model, Daria Beloyvan began her career in 1998. She developed rapidly and became a stylist through a long-term collaboration with Vyacheslav Zaitsev’s Moscow Fashion House. It did not take the Russian fashion designer long to notice a promising model whose external look, artistic taste, knowledge, and clear comprehension of fashion stood out. The great fashion designer granted Daria the ultimate trust during her professional career as a muse. She helped to create several collections with his approval; before long, she was leading the group. Knowing the story of creating every look of the collection, Daria presented the collection on the runway after Zaitsev shared his experience and knowledge of the topic. In 2013, Daria was appointed the official stylist at all fashion events of Vyacheslav Zaitsev’s House of Fashion. By 2016, she had become a widely recognized independent stylist, not just within Russia but also internationally.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev, the official stylist of the Wild Orchid brand and millionaire bloggers in Russia, had already recognized her as the fashion guru. She has collaborated with well-known brands, including Wild Orchid, Zadig & Voltaire, Coach, Bally, Borsalino, etc. The fashion world sent Daria invitations to exclusive events. She was invited to the expert jury of professional competitions and shows all over the world.

Also, Daria began her career as a journalist in 2018. She wrote a fashion column for the most famous Russian newspaper in America, Russkaya Reklama. In addition to covering the red carpet fashion and analyzing celebrity looks, she discussed fashion history and current fashion trends. Funding for the publication was significantly cut in the spring of this year, and the editorial board removed many columns. Throughout the transition from print to online, Daria wrote her articles for her fashion magazine. Also, Daria provides expert opinions on various fashion topics as a regular contributor to different fashion magazines. As a fashion expert for Russian media, she covers several major international events, including fashion shows, music concerts, film awards ceremonies, and charitable fundraisers.

Now, Daria Beloyvan is writing her blog and is very active on social media, teaching others how to be stylish, sharing her knowledge of the industry, and leading fashion marathons. That’s her way of making this world more beautiful. Many of her readers find it inspiring and life-changing. The style tips of  Daria Beloyvan are relevant from a little girl from the suburbs of Russia to well-known celebrities.