About Me


Jewelry designer Alexandra Chudakova showed the world how the wildest dreams come true.

Since early childhood, Alexandra Chudakova loved imagining different jewelry pieces and creating them from the things around her. She went to the art school, where she drew sketches of rings, pendants, brooches, necklaces.  Alexandra was also fond of chemistry, that is why she became a student at Moscow State University. Knowing the metals and being innovative helped her designing for world-well-known jewelry brands later.  She has an eye for beauty, and combined with a chemistry degree, made her an expert in what she does.

Her career began with the Carrera y Carrera brand. After winning a design competition for the best sketch, Alexandra Chudakova got an offer to work for the brand. Her first iconic collection was the AQUA collection, and after she finished it, she was named a “Creator of precious talismans.” This collection was an unbelievable success at BaselWorld-2017, the largest international jewelry exhibition. She also won in “The Best Jewelry Design” category.

In the spring of 2019, she started to work for the consulting agency Business Uvconsulting, where she became an expert and leading consultant on developing sketches of future jewelry collections.

In the same year, she was an expert and consultant for two young, ambitious premium brands, New Art Jewelry and Boys & Girl Jewelry.  All products of those brands are handmade, which allows you to make each piece of jewelry special and unique. Boys & Girls Jewelry is based on the silhouettes of a boy and a girl, who made up the primary line of pendants. The designer also produced symbols associated with motherhood, childhood, and other important moments in every person’s life.

Since the beginning of 2020,  she has become a part of the Geraldo jewelry brand and continues to grow.