Espaço Fashion


Brazil • Sao Paulo

About the Brand

EF’s involvement with fashion is nearly genetic: it has been passed on from mother to daughters. We grew up in contact with plants, molds, prototype pieces, sketches and everything else in relation to the productions process.

Out of this connection with and passion for fashion came Espaço Fashion in 1996.

All started with a home production: the kitchen was made into a machinery room and the dining room, into a cutting/sewing  room.

We produced clothes we would like to wear, that had to do decided to take a chance on the brand and became an exhibitor at the fashion fair Babilônia Feira Hype in 1997 where we started shaping up our first clientele.






In the development of our collections, we always choose themes that reflect today`s femininity and the brand`s fresh spirit. The pieces are created for women who care about quality and the latest trends in their wardrobe. Everything is produced with tremendous dedication, with our customers always in mind, since they are the main showcase of Espaço Fashion.