Virgin Australia Holds Its First Ever High-Flying Fashion Show

Great to see Virgin Australia hold its first ever high-flying fashion show. Every passenger got a front row view in a very fitting celebration of Virgin Australia’s fifth year as Principal Partner of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival.

We set up Virgin Australia – then Virgin Blue – because we felt that passengers deserved something better than the bland and boring norm that airlines offered. It was the same with Virgin Atlantic – it came out of personal frustration from my own tedium while travelling, and I wanted to add a bit of fun to the skies. If you’re getting people from A to B, why not make them smile along the way?

Image from Virgin Australia

As we’re highlighting in our current Spotlight campaign, play is in our DNA. It was in the same spirit of Virgin Australia’s fashion show at 35,000 feet that we have held music, magic and stand-up comics in mid-air. We used to allow comedians and entertainers to fly on Virgin Atlantic for free as long as they entertained people while on-board. Once we innovated by introducing seatback entertainment, there was less demand for this. But the essence remains.

Image from Virgin Australia

Over the past three decades, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia and Virgin America have made a massive difference to people’s flying experience and changed the airline industry for the better. By focusing on our people and our customers first, we’ve raised the quality on our own planes and forced our rivals to improve their services too.

It’s great to see our team’s passion for style in the sky shining through and I hope our passengers and brilliant crew continue to have a wonderful time.