Elizabeth and James Nirvana by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen


Nirvana Black & Nirvana White

by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


The Rocker Chic designer twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen release a rich new fragrance, the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and Nirvana White scents. The fragrances have both a deep and sultry scent with floral and vanilla touches. Making this the #1 iconic perfume for spring 2015. Elizabeth and James Nirvana reminds you of long black dresses, thick chain jewelry and black leather bags. It is the perfect fragrance to wear for going to the office or for a fun evening out. The scent says strong, powerful and rich.


Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black fragrance has a sensual scent that is made up of sultry violet, sandalwood and vanilla. Nirvana Black has both masculine and feminine qualities, making it versatile and convenient enough for sleep overs; both a man or a woman would love wearing this scent. The Nirvana White is sophisticated more feminine perfume that is made up of peony, muguet and tender musk. Both scents are desirable fragrances and make the perfect powder room accessory.

Behind the brand, “Elizabeth and James” was launched in 2007 by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, embodying their dual sophistication of masculine tailoring and downtown edge for the modern girl. The Olsen twins wanted to capture both their tastes in fashion, meshing together rocker-chic, jet black business wear and flirty feminine style.

Their new fragrances Nirvana Black and Nirvana White are the number one must-haves on Fashion Elite’s must-have list. If you like perfumes that make you feel beautiful, you’ll like Nirvana.
The Elizabeth and James Nirvana fragrance is available in a 1.07 oz Eau de Parfum Spray bottle for $75 at Sephora stores, or at Sephora online – www.sephora.com/nirvana-white-P383912