De Grisogono Tondo Timepieces


Now is the time to catch and hold the light. Introducing the latest De Grisogono Tondo Timepieces – great to wear by day or Tondo by Night. The super-luxe Tondo Tourbillon Gioiello to wear by day come in white gold with 469 white diamonds of 4.2 carats, a dial coated with white mother-of-pearl, classy galuchat strap and white gold buckle set with 140 white diamonds of 0.84 carat. The artsy Tondo by Night watches sport inspiration from vintage Andy Warhol pop-art, with photography by Kossman.

Andy Warhol’s famous quarter-hour of fame gets an original twist in the shape of a creation requiring just three-quarters of an hour of exposure to light – whether natural or artificial – after which it’s your turn to play the star and sparkle in the limelight!

Photos by Kossman for De Grisogono
Your Tondo by Night lights up from inside, having condensed light thanks to the ultra-secret composition of the material from which the case and the buckle are made: a composite known as “Pearly Photo-luminescent Fibreglass”, exclusive to de Grisogono and strewn with mother-of-pearl particles.
Thus illuminated, the colours shine and highlight the precious stones crowning the watch. The effect is highly original, enhanced by other precious stones carpeting the self-winding mechanism that is visible through the dial, beneath the hands pointing to the time. The grain of the stones echoes the grain of the “galuchat” stingray hide from which the strap of the Tondo by Night is crafted.
When darkness falls, the adventure begins, as the fire stored up from exposure to light suffuses the Tondo by Night from the inside, restoring life to the pearly high-tech material of which it is made. A whole new watch appears, featuring subtle new colour shades, as well as lines that are re-sculpted by this luminescence. The real chic stems from this inner light: that which continues to glow even when the projectors are switched off …”The show is on the wrist”.

De Grisogono Tondo Tourbillon Gioiello has a retail value of $230,000 and is only available for purchase at their Boutique with locations in New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Saint – Barthelemy, Las Vegas, Porto Cervo, Geneva, Moscow, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates.

Their New York boutique is located at 824 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10021.

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De Grisogono Tondo By Night Watches run from $7665.00 – $12775.00, available for purchase online at – .
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