Giorgio Armani Resin Necklace

On vacation? Going out to dine to wearing a fabulous white summer dress? No matter what you may be wearing, casual or a dash of class, this Giorgio Armani necklace is the answer to all of your questions. With its sophisticated, yet sweet pastel-like colors, you’ll feel like a million bucks. This piece of jewelry you won’t want to miss out on.

Pair it with a rhinestone sandal or play it off with a simple belt. The Giorgio Armani light grey necklace is perfect for this season. For spring, the pastel colors work wonderfully. For summer, it offers a fresh, classy look. Whether it’s for a daytime outfit or a night out, this necklace has you stepping out in style.

For spring/summer 2014, Giorgio Armani’s accessories collection is a frontrunner. Classic and contemporary come to mind for this season. Intricate, handmade beading with a bold statement pendant make the entire pieces come together. The layering effect gives it a daring appeal.

Composition and combination prove a good match. The Giorgio Armani light grey necklace consists of 70 percent glass, 20 percent resin, 5 percent magnet and 5 per cent silvered brass.

The Giorgio Armani light grey necklace can be purchased on for $1,095.00.