Zanotti Gold Leafs Walks of Virtue

Guiseppe Zanotti

Goldtone Triple-Strap Leather Sandals
Golden leafs embrace closely to the tree of life. Guiseppe Zanotti crafts beautiful Goldtone Triple-Strap Leather Sandals for a gorgeous walk with love in enlightenment. An enlightening new season of designs creates excitement of what to wear now. Turning a new leaf with great new fashion, the Italian designer Guiseppe Zanotti crafted this artfully sculpted three goldtone embossed metal leafs onto comfortable leather sandals.

Zanotti’s sandals are ready to wear for an elegant walk through the Cathedrals of Milan, pilgrimaging on through to the cross the Sea and to the east to Nazarene. Guiseppe Zannoti crafted a heel that has style strong and vibrant as your faith, appropriate enough to celebrate the Glorious Above and feel almost as if you will rise above. Rise high above your barriers and celebrate with virtuous ambitions all in style; while wearing Guiseppe Zanotti’s goldtone leaf sandals.

From the signs of goldtone leaf sandals, Guiseppe Zanotti is inspirational with his amazing craftsmanship and design that is artfully appropriate and up-to-class. Zanotti’s Goldtone Triple-Strap Leather Sandals have a self-covered heel of 43/4″ (120mm), 1/2″ (15mm) covered platform, Leather upper with metal details, back zip, leather lining and sole, and padded insole. These Zanotti’s sandals were also made in Italy, were he is originated from.

Zanotti’s Goldtone Leaf Triple-Strap Leather Sandals have a retail price of $1,875 and they are available at