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My love affairs with plaid began many years ago in my youth and continued into my teen years.
I adored mixing it in an elegant way or a grunge rock way. Vivienne Westwood had captured my attention in my teenage years with her punk chaos and tarten plaid dresses and plaid items mixed into pure perfection madness. The british designer has showed the fashion community a rebellious side as well as luxury and decadence with much success for 40 years.

This fall 2013 season Westwood’s Red label offers up a theatrical show with models wearing over the top makeup and layered pieces with plaid incorporated. She is not the only designer in town this season showcasing plaid, however her collection stands out as usual.

 Model Linda Evangelista wearing plaid in a fashion advertisement.

Vivienne’s show Fall 2013 began at the Saatchi Gallery
not far from her legendary store. On a recent trip to New York City I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art Punk Chaos to Couture exhibition which showcases a lot of Vivienne Westwood’s work. She wears the crown of punk with her connection to the Sex Pistols and “anarchy piss off” attitude of the past.

Slouchy dresses, striped jackets, plaid skirts, flouncy blouses, fitted trousers cardigans, knit sweater dress, skull socks and plaid jackets walked down this operatic runway. Layers of mixed patterns worked well together and looked effortlessly chic.

www.viviennewestwood.co.uk  “Theatrical makeup and plaid mini”

At the end of the show, Vivienne, with her fiery red hair came out to greet the audience wearing a t-shirt with her picture on it in drag. Written across the shirt was the words “I am Julian Assange”(Which is the wikileaks founder) in true punk Westwood fashion. This is how the show closed. She defiantly made a statement in typical fashion. The makeup was a unique touch to a wonderful show however I don’t see this makeup trending anytime soon. Other designers showing off plaid were Stella McCartney, Karen Walker, Phillip Lim, L.A.M.B, Marc Jacobs, Awake, Billy Reid and the design bill goes on.



Gwen Stefani lead singer for No Doubt and solo artist is a stunningly beautiful woman. Many young women want to mimic her iconic style and with the release of her new No Doubt album and her fall collection she is on fire. She is well known for gingham print, rasta flags, plaids, military detailing and urban flare. This fall she also has a special addition collection releasing with Burton Snowboards that probably won’t stay on store racks long.

Popping done the runway during the L.A.M.B show was screen printed cowboy shirts paired with skinny green trouser and high heeled black lace up boots. Gingham blouses, plaid pants, Gingham dresses, leather skirts, plaid bowling bag purses, plaid suits, electric blue suits and plaid coats rocked the runway.


A plaid coat is a staple in any fashionable closet. It is a winter must! It is a timeless classic fabric with a long history from Scotland to bold English punk to the 20th century modern wave fashion scene, GET ONE!