Avakian Jewelery

Unique Heart Shaped Emerald Necklace by Avakian

In the city of love, do you have a heart? This unique heart shaped emerald by Avakian has us thinking “We are off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz” to see who has a heart. In the the great and gated Emerald City of love, we found this necklace by Avakian. Proves that Love can be found in the city or at least spotted on the red carpet at the premiere of the amfAR GAla ’13, as seen on Ornella Muti wearing the multi-diamonds and gorgeous heart shaped wonder, around her dashing neckline.

While adventuring down the ‘yellow brick road’ and a stop at the AVAKIAN j
ewellery boutique, we found that love can be expressed with diamonds and emeralds. Both necklace and earrings are worth over a Million US Dollars. The jeweler said that the AVAKIAN Heart Shaped Emerald Necklace and matching pair of AVAKIAN Emerald earrings are retailed for $1.7 Million US Dollars. They can be inquired about and purchased at www.avakian.com or the boutique.

After we seen the Wizard of Oz, and wearing this divine pair of AVAKIAN Heart shaped Emerald necklace and diamond earrings set, the Wizard definitely confirmed We Have A Heart.