Trend by Contributor – Dartanya

We have made jewelry for personal adornment and tradition for many years. We find it makes us look appealing, unique and helps us define our social standing. The first known jewelry was more than 100,000 years ago and was made from Nassarius shells. Jewelry has been made from many different metals, woods,beads, shells, and gemstones. We have made jewelry for every part of the body and we seem to being trending back to natural jewelry this season. Mother nature has spoken this fashion season and she has a lot to offer.

Big chunky natural stone rings are all the rage at the moment. A friend from Brooklyn recently came to visit me and was wearing a stunning oversized Amyestet ring. We are moving back to a more natural raw aspect of jewelry and using more organic fibers. Gucci, YSL and Tori Burch had a very bohemian vibe to their last collections and it seems to be influencing todays trends. Bold statement pieces adorned with multiple layers and jewels are clearly being seen in the magazines, street style and the runway. If your not one to go with big oversized jewelry we also have been seeing minimalist pieces such has plain leather cuffs or one strand necklaces with a stand alone stone charm.

Etsy.com “Peacock stone ring by alpine gypsy “

The jewelry designers and crafters of the world are offering unique original pieces of jewelry. It brings a breath of fresh air to the table. I love the idea of not wearing a mass produced piece of jewelry that dozens of others are also wearing. You can find boutiques and crafters in stores popping up around the world or online at such places like Etsy, Ten Thousand Villages and made it myself. The necklace below is so vibrant and stunning. It is made from organic linen, baltic amber and is sure to be a conversation starter. No matter how many times you made the same hand crafted necklace no two necklace would be alike.



Etsy.com “natural baltic Amber and organic linen necklace by dreams factory”


You should always have a good accessory to go with your outfit and this season the more natural raw unique accessory is the way to go. I can’t wait to start the search for this seasons artistic jewelry pieces that no one else will have, Yes I plan on standing out. I love the idea of a natural organic movement in jewelry. So weather your going bold, oversized or minimal bring a little whimsical natural essence to your wardrobe this season.