The Emerald City

Trend by Contributor – Dartanya

Oz the Great and Powerful movie may have been the shift to the color Emerald this year? The Pantone Color Institute named Emerald as the color of the year 2013. The runway may not have been the yellow brick road but the emerald city was skipping down the runway.

The Wizard of Oz has yet inspired another movie and fantasy on the fall runway. Emerald was seen in designer collections such as Monique Luhuillier, Caroline Herrera, Celine, Erdem and many others. The emerald jewel tone is stunning and the clarity of its presence will not go unnoticed.

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Monique Luhuilliers fall presentation was magical. It brought the fantasy of Oz to life. Two toned chiffon dresses swooped across the runway. Sheer beaded dresses with dramatic breathtaking details and touches of lace, digital printed fabric and brocade appeared in the collection.

Lhuillier stated “So I wanted this girl to be super sexy. It’s dramatic, mixed in with a little Art Deco, and just really intense colour and intense structure.” The collection was very glamorous and had a wondrous flight of imagination. The road to the Emerald city has never been so lovely.

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Two Toned Emerald Chiffon gown.

Day gloves, long skirts, fur caps and long body clinging gowns graced Carolina Herrera’s runways. Her inspiration seemed to be inspired by the 30’s and 40’s classical starlets from the glam days. The models dressed in stunning gowns looked like old Hollywood glamour dolls.

The big screen has always made an impact on fashion. This powerful statement of sex appeal and feminine power like the Witches of Oz is empowering for women everywhere and Carolina shows she knows how to cater to women.

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A stunning young lady wearing a satin emerald skirt with just the right accessories during Paris Fashion Week. Emerald is making its appearance on the runway, street, and stores near you this year.

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Green is calming to the eyes. However Emerald green is the brilliant striking color that illuminates the reflection of the soul. This fashion color statement lets us step out of the everyday green and into the heart of the magical world. No matter where your Kansas is; put on your favorite heels tap them together and pair them with Emerald this season!