Trend by Contributor – Dartanya

Fashion Model shows her nautical strips, Daria Werbowy

I’m not sure if we are conjuring up Beatle Juice, Beatle Juice, Beatle Juice or does this economic crisis have us on prison lock down. Is the past romantic Hollywood starlet Audrey Hepburn below inspiring us once again with her nautical stripes?

With times of the present young and vibrant celebrities like Taylor Swift emboss the sign of her times with a figure born for stripes.
For quite some time we have been seeing stripes in Japan, Korea, China and Paris more heavily than the United States. Has the trickle down effect finally made its way to us? No matter if walking on the streets of Milan, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Rio and New York City we are seeing narrow, medium and wide stripes all over the place. We are even seeing stripes on accessories such as heels, shoes and purses.
On the runway stripes are dressed up, down and all around. Tommy Hilfiger shows off a small preppy classic stripe as Marc Jacobs has a quirky fun all over stripe. Bold stripes mixed with more stripes marched down the Tokyo runway of Facetasm.

Edgy rocker is present on the runway of Balmain and romantic appeal graces the runways of Oscar De la Renta. Stripes strutted down many other designer runways like Alexander Wang, Acne, Michael Kors, Suno, Moschino, Victor Rolf, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood, Giles, Timo Weiland and Jill Sanders. However it is incorporated; whether dainty or bold we are seeing it across the world.

The vertical stripe can draw the eye downward and create a long line making the wearer appear leaner and longer. The horizontal stripe will give a little more curve to the slim man or women. However if you are petite be careful with the horizontally striped garment and go with a more narrow stripe.

Fashion models as Eniko Mihalik below have the curves in the right places to displaying the horizontal striped look.

You can dress stripes up or down whether it’s a day at the office, casual lunch, or an evening out on the town. Stripes in well made garments will connect perfectly at the seams. The strip has a powerful impact on any outfit and commands one to pay attention. We are drawing lines every which way and I must say I love it.

Fashion Model Anja Rubik has her fair share of striped outfits vertical and horizontal adding to her robust fashion portfolio.

With stripes being all the rage I figured I must step into this trend and give it a try, so I purchased a pair of bold striped, moderate price point pant from H&M. Channeling more of my full throttle side and taking notes from Balmain, I put my outfit together. I paired my striped pants with a black top, studded combat boots, a bold oversized skull ring and a few dainty chains and cross necklace. Then I took to the streets and the reaction was good. Most people loved the outfit; others just seemed to be fascinated by my daringness.
Yep! Strips are definitely in and can be flirty, funky, and daring.

American Pride, let is shine.