Boucheron Animal Collection

collection d’animaux 


Colorfully wild diamond creatures in Boucheron’s animal collection bedazzle the heart. Wild green grenouille frog rings jump right out of the cases while pink flamingo rings spread their white diamond feathers and violet sapphire pegases’ rings soar across the Parisian boutique–all a part of this year’s Boucheron Animal Collection. The delightful Animal collection features some of the world’s most exotic jewels. Along with pave white diamonds, the prestigious Boucheron Animal Collection includes blue and violet saphires, amethyst rondes, cabochon moonstones, tsavorites and gorgeous red rubies. 


Boucheron first opened their boutique in 1903 on Bond Street in Paris, France were a menagerie of clients came to purchase their provocative jewelry pieces. Among some of Boucheron’s high-profile clients includes royalty from London and India. In 1880 Lady crevil purchased a beautiful diamond Tiara that was gifted to her Queen Mother and recently passed to Prince Charles to Camina. Another of story of royalty was that of Indian royalty in the marriage of Patiala who in 1928 came to Boucheron with trunks of loose diamonds and pearls.

 Animal Collection


bijoux audacieux 

The Boucheron name is one that is not afraid to explore all that surrounds jewelry and desire, creating some of the worlds most significantly unique pieces of jewelry and their most recent ‘femme la femme’ is the elegant animal collection. Boucheron’s Chouette Ring is a symbol of wisdom, the owl is a silent bird with a hypnotic gaze, a beautiful ring no matter what side it is worn on. Chouette Ring is set with pave amethysts, cabochon amethysts, sapphires and diamonds, in blackened gold. The ring is $24,000 and now available at the Boucheron boutique in-shop or online.



The Flamingo ring is set with purple & pink sapphires and diamonds, inspired by the pink flamingo. This ring inspiration is considered by the Ancient Egyptians to be an incarnation of the Phoenix, the fabulous and unique creature who was said to live hundreds of years and be reborn from its ashes. The bird delicately wraps around the finger and deploys its precious feathers. The Flamingo Ring is $57,000 and avilalbe at Boucheron boutique in-shop or online.


The gorgeous green Grenouille Frog Ring is set with cabochon moonstone, pave round tsavorites, round diamonds and cabochons rubies, in white gold. Adorned with a setting of pave tsavorites and diamonds, the ring sparkles and its central moonstone glows with iridescent pearly hues. The lucky animal represented by this singular jewel transforms it into a genuine amulet. The Grenouille Ring is $24,000 and available at the Boucheron boutiqe in-shop or online.



The mythical Pegase Sapphire Ring is a sparkling desire of diamonds and blue saphires that evokes a celestial sky where Pegasus’ gallop freely. The jewel wraps around the finger while the animal’s mane softly falls around it. Pagase Sapphire Ring includes pave white diamonds, blue and violet sapphires, round amethysts and cabochon blue saphires, in yellow gold. The Pagase Sapphire Ring is $33,000 and available at the Boucheron boutique in-shop or online.



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