Alexander Wang

This Season’s “Pelican” Sachtel
Dont be a dry bone this winter, fill your wardrobe with a pop of bright color. Alexander Wang puts a tang in fresh this seasons with Pelican Sachtel in acidic with pale gold accent. Talk about ready to accessorize for the office, this Wang Sachtel is ready to liven and awaken any executive number. Wow, sun and pop are the words that conspire in the worship worthy bag reminiscent of “buddha buddha rockin’ every WEAR” Alexander Wang Sachtel.
Add a little scarf and use color-blocking combinations that touch to the heart to Alexander Wang’s big luxury. Tote the Pelican sachtel side by an Alexander Wang stealthy jacket to feel like a million. Keep a little big luxury and be hotter then anything can buy on this planet with the little sunshine Wang’s Pelican Sachtel.
The Pelican Sachtel in special acidic color with accent pale gold is only $985. Details on the satchel are hard shell comes with adjustable shoulder straps and signature dog clip. Intererior has standard zip pocket with Logo patch.
Wang’s Pelican Sachtel is made out of 100% Bovine. The handbag is a diameter of 10H X 13L X 8W with 4s mall drop handle and 18 large drop handles. Also to say the Sachtel comes in a eye-paste worthy soft lemon color called acid by the definition of Alexander Wang and has stunning architectural details.
Purchase the Pelican Sachtel in this beautiful acidic color for $985 @ The Pelican also comes in many others of Alexander Wang’s divine colors.