CAVALLI Rhinestone Suede Ankle Boots

stone Suede Ankle Boots
Rockin’ rhinestone embellished on black suede ankle boots by Roberto Cavalli have tantalizing tiger stripes full of movement. With an assortment of bronze, silver and gold rhinestones shining like a galaxy of vast stars, the Cavalli ankle boot treads a step forward into the mystique of the night. We at FE-Fashion Elite can see these boots both glimmering command down the red carpets and strutting the cold concrete in style, as well. These boots have such a glamorous and fashion star quality about them, that it must be the product of Roberto Cavalli.
Roberto Cavalli’s designs always have a strong primal, glamorously wild and free spirited aesthetic to them, while remaining in the utmost highest fashion etiquette and picturesque quality. These Roberto Cavalli boots are strong staying to his design aesthetics and also have a very striking formality and dress-up feel to them. “I love the designs of Roberto Cavalli, I love the expressions he uses to translate the emotions and desires of a woman so beautifully; the movement and energy it create and how I love to see instinct so very powerful”- Felicia Folgner at FE-Fashion Elite.

Cavalli is by far one of most favored designers since the day he was introduced into the fashion world and there is no escaping the fact that the nature of status will remain.   
Roberto Cavalli’s Rhinestone Suede Ankle Boots have a retail price of $1,140 and are available at Roberto Cavalli boutiques and