The ‘Diva’ Bag marks a decisive turning point for the Cavalli fashion house toward the creation of a high-end, ‘haut de gamme’ range of accessories. The bag embodies all the characteristics that make the Brand’s style stand out and gives women a chance to wear – not only through the clothes – the dream and beauty that the Florentine designer has created over the last 40 years.
Roberto Cavalli has devoted his creative passion to women, making them stars in their own right. The woman who chooses to wear Cavalli has an innate ability to seduce. The lights are always focused on her: she is a Diva.

Independence and femininity: the positivity of the colours and ‘animalier’ prints of Roberto Cavalli’s collections enhance women based in New York, London, Paris, Milan… everywhere, defining a style that has become recognisable across the globe.

Made for the Divalicious, Roberto Cavalli’s black Nappa leather Diva Bag is gorgeous and refined luxury in a suitable large tote. Pack it with all your professional essentials and stow it away on jet-setting adventures in the upcoming season. With metallic details, gold zipper pockets and 30×40 cm. diameter this Roberto Cavalli Diva Bag is sure to make a bold statement.

Each bag is individually inspected for the seams, the hue of the yarn, the evenness of the leather and the interior and exterior finishes, and finally to test the tightness of the lining, made with the ‘animalier’ print, a distinctive signature of the Cavalli fashion house.


Roberto Cavalli’s Diva Bag comes in an assortment of colors and prints including black, white, silver gold, leopard print and python print as shown here. The Diva Bags range from a retail price of $1,345 – $2,600 and can be purchased at one of Roberto Cavalli’s boutiques worldwide or his on-line store at

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