Donna Karan’s Pearl Necklace



A pearl necklace is essential in every woman’s jewelry box for an etiquette-friendly ensemble. Donna Karan’s ultra feminine pearl necklace has a modern twist with its pearl and metal clasp which permeates the essence of a vintage heirloom piece. These pearls are excitingly fresh and delicately chic in basic white pearls that Donna Karan calls the hue of “Lunamarine”.

Keep them gleaming from the ocean’s of intuition, while you dazzle in the company of a special find. Made in the U.S. and true to riche design and construction, this Donna Karan pearl necklace with pearl clasp also gleams in innocent baby blunder pink or as D.K. classifies it, the hue of “Autumn Haze”. The Lunamarine hue or Autumn Haze hue pearls are worn nicely with the beautiful tones of Donna Karan’s 2011/12 Fall-Winter runway collection. The collection is all about city chic comfort and relaxed casual luxury that speaks to a woman’s everyday style.

So get comfortable and stay preciously appurtenant to proper fashion choices when the time being calls for it, which for most, is every day of our lives. Accessorize with the ingenuitiesí Donna Karan casual luxe that enhances feminine esteem in which only a woman or a wearable piece could provide.

This Pearl Necklace with Pearl Clasp by Donna Karan price’s at $595 and is available at Donna Karan Boutiques or