Long hair inspired by the 1970`s

There are two 20th century fashion revivals happening in 2011. The 1940s revival gives us the 1940s hair style above, while the 1970s influence upon 2011 gives us two distinct hairstyle trends.

Straight long hair, naturally styled

• Slickly styled, but not so slick that it feels overly styled or straightened

• Should be voluminous

• Predominantly styled on the Spring 2011 catwalks with a side part, but will work equally as well with a centre part

• Definitely a style tha works for super-long hair, i.e. hair that falls to the midriff

• Suitable both for the Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2011and Spring / Summer 2011 seasons

1970’s inspired flowing texture

• Different from the waved hairstyle inspired by the 1940s, this flowing, textured, (and sometimes) waved hairstyle trend in 2011 relies instead on natural-looking waves that border on bed hair

• Suitable with both a centre part and an off-centre part

• As with straight and naturally styled long hair, flowing waves also work well when very long

• Best suited to the Spring 2011 / Summer 2011season