Victoria’s Secret Zebra Bikinis

Victoria’s Secret’s Call of the Wild

As much as The Bikini has become an essential for any girl’s summer wardrobe, the zebra print bikini has become an equally essential addition to a girl’s summer closet. What better print to lift your spirits and make you feel like a sexy minx all summer long. Whether it’s a halter style, tie side bottom or padded top there are a variety of cuts to suit every body shape. Victoria’s Secret has the gamut when showing the selection bikini’s for your everyday bombshell.

Perhaps the expression simple is often best, is why this elegant bikini has become one of the hottest selling bikini’s. Even better is that the most common colors in a persons wardrobe are black and white so whatever you wear your zebra print bikini with in will look coordinated, stylish and very contemporary.

Maybe it is the mere fact that as it has survived season after season and its demand keeps increasing is testimony to the fact that this style is a must have. A simple print of black and white, no fuss, no straight lines to accentuate perhaps those unflattering curves, this style of bikini has become extreme popular from Miss Universe contestants to super stars of the silver screen there are countless fashionistas who have donned the bikini at a beach or pool near you.

Animal prints inspired by the African savannas have come and gone over the seasons including tiger, leopard, snake and giraffe. In the 80s the leopard print was extremely popular and enjoyed a brief resurgence in demand in the Spring/Supper season of 08. It is however the zebra print bikini that seems to have a timeless popularity, surviving season after season, seemingly taking place as a staple must have like the simple black bikini but with a little more fun, and enjoying seasonal increased popularity to the spring/summer beach season.

Other celebrities spotted by paparazzi in the past sporting zebra pint bikinis were Tila Tequila, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag, Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Bell and one of the most famous celebrity bikini bodies Jessica Alba.

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